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                 Supporting Bright Futures Ltd


    Supported living accommodation


Who we are


Semi-independent accommodation 16+

Having worked in Children and Adult Statutory Services as a professional and a manager for the past 18 years, I have become increasingly aware of the issues faced by young people who are in the care system and those on the cusp of leaving it.  From experiencing serious neglect and abuse through to becoming involved in criminality, the damage caused to a young person in developmental years can be significant.  Undoing some of this damage and turning around a young person's life depends on the quality of services, support and relationships that they will encounter.  A fundamental, yet often unsatisfactory piece of the jigsaw, is their accommodation and who they live with.  It is clear to us that when placed in a  secure, nurturing and protective home environment, young people are:

  • More likely to engage with statutory and non-statutory agencies  
  • More likely to attend education, training and secure employment
  • More likely to lead a healthy and pro-active lifestyle
  • Less likely to commit a criminal offence
  • Less likely to become involved in substance misuse
  • Less likely to be exploited
  • Less likely to experience mental health issues
  • Less likely to become homeless adults

For these reasons I believe that investing in a young person's leaving care accommodation is essential to ensure that they can successfully engage in core services which will secure a positive outcome and bright future.  I am passionate about this project and hope to work with you soon!

Best Wishes

Oliver Burne LLB, BA (Hons), Dip PS, PGCHE, FHEA

Managing Director

Supporting Bright Futures Ltd

Provider of supported accommodation for young people leaving care.  


Semi-independent accommodation 16+
SBF Ltd was set up in 2013 to provide better placements and brighter outcomes for young people who present with medium and high risk behaviours.   

  • We place the needs of young people at the heart of everything we  do and therefore seek to achieve excellence in our practice through providing a supportive and nurturing environment where adolescents can develop into resilient and successful adults.

  • We believe in value for money.  Delivering premium services and achieving successful outcomes, whilst being a sustainable business, requires a significant level of resources and funding.  However, our services remain competitive and will provide long-term savings for local authorities in an ever demanding economic climate-

  •  We value working together with our stakeholders to ensure the best possible wrap around care package for young people. 

  •  We value evidence based practice and measurable outcomes.  

  •  We value responsibility, aspiration, diversity, kindness and empathy as the building blocks of success.     

  •  We value our environment and the input of young people to make it their home.  

  •  We value our customers and will always try to accommodate your needs.