Supporting Bright Futures Ltd


    Supported living accommodation

Our Services

24 hour supported accommodation 16+

What we can provide

  • 24 hour, 365 days a year supported living in semi-independent accommodation
  • Thorough initial assessments of referrals, which consider needs of current residence. 
  • At least one member of staff to every 4 young people 
  • Two to one staff ratio for all young people presenting with high risk behaviours including arson and sexual offending. 
  • Staff with or training towards NVQ in Social and Health Care level 3 and with at least 2 years experience of working with young people.
  •  Expert management by a Senior Probation Officer / Senior Lecturer in social work and criminal justice who has over a decade of experience working with young people and adults specialising in risk of harm and vulnerability assessment / management.
  • Comprehensive outreach service supporting young adults in independent living.
  • Anti-discriminatory practice, equality and diversity is celebrated in our organisation.  
  • Our practice and interventions are underpinned by a range of relevant and evidence based theories including mentalisation, CBT / DBT, attachment and restorative justice.  In essence, we seek to understand, support and help young people re-frame and restructure their thoughts, feelings and behaviour so they are able to process their problems and issues in a positive way.
  • We work alongside our partnership agencies and see communication and information as vital to a successful multi-agency approach.
Semi-independent provider